Too Many Words: Too Little Understanding

Assorted Magnetic Words

Tired of sitting through dozens of Power Point slides hoping that someone gets to the point? Tired of listening to 20 minutes of explanation, then leave wondering, “What was THAT about?” Me, too.  If you’re with me, keep reading.

An associate I met at a training session last week introduced me to a remarkable tool: Six Word Stories. Six Word Stories include the beginning, middle and end of a story in six words. Legend has it that Six Word Stories started with a challenge to Ernest Hemingway: write a story in six words of less. Hemingway responded with:

For sale. Baby shoes. Never worn.

He later claimed this was his best work.

Inspired, I checked out a web site dedicated to Six Word Stories. Here are a few of my favorites:

A thousand wrinkles. A thousand smiles.

Nothing to declare. Much to remember.

Match made in heaven ignited hell.

Inspired, here is the Six Word Story of my life:

Started slow. Found way. Finishing strong.

Six Word Stories can be a call to action, prompt discussion or summarize outcomes. They are so much more creative then yet another slide.

What’s your six word story?


17 thoughts on “Too Many Words: Too Little Understanding

  1. Susan – I’m so glad you really liked this ! I’m going to use it in my icebreakers too . i find the new trend / skill is to be concise !!! and it can be really hard …….

    my daily saga at home :
    No TV. Kids Whine. Get Creative

    And I know i’m borrowing someone’s tag line, but this motto always worked
    Worked Hard. Loved Harder. Won all

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