Come Out of Hibernation!


Cold starts on gloomy mornings. A few hours of brightness following by early dimness. Cranky starts and slow acceleration. This is your brain on winter!

Shake those neurons out of hibernation with a few brainteasers. Try these puzzles from William Poundstone’s book Are You Smart Enough to Work At Google?

1. Using only a 4- minute hourglass and a 7-minute hourglass, measure exactly 9 minutes.

2. There are three men and three lions on one side of the river. You need to carry them all to the other side, using a single boat that can carry only two entities at a time. You can’t let the lions outnumber the men on either bank of the river because they’d eat them. How do you get them across?

3.  A man pushed his car to a hotel and lost his fortune. Share what happened in a single sentence.

You, dear readers, will decide whether or not I post potential answers. Vote using the poll below. Whether or not you get to work at Google is up to someone else.

Reference: Poundstone, W. (2012). Are You Smart Enough To Work At Google? New York: Little, Brown and Company.

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