Twelve Questions for 2012

iStock_000021472307SmallIf January is about resolutions, how about using December for reflection? Next month, we’ll invest energy looking ahead in anticipation, making resolutions for the best use of 2013.  I suggest we use December to look back on who we were and what we accomplished in the eleven months since our last resolutions.

The following are twelve questions I’ll use to close out 2012. If you are game, answer them all or just a few. The answers will prepare you for 2013.

1.  When were you at your absolute best?

2.  What skills showed up when you were at your best?

3.   What did you learn in those moments of excellence?

4.   Who deserves an overdue “thank you” before the year closes?

5.   Who deserves an overdue apology before the year closes?

6.   Who is better off because you were in their life?

7.   What was your most challenging experience?

8.   What did you learn?

9.   When did you think about what you really wanted?

10.  What did you do to move toward it?

11.  What left you in awe because of its beauty, grace and power?

12.  What do you think is possible that you didn’t at the beginning of 2011?

4 thoughts on “Twelve Questions for 2012

  1. 1) Love your new look Susan. Light. Fresh. Engaging. 2) I need time with your questions. There is certainly a lot to digest here. 🙂 Thanks for the great post. Made me think (again).

  2. Congratulations on the new look and new beginning!!! The page looks terrific and this couldn’t have been a more perfect introduction to the new direction. Great questions to pose – better still once answered. I wonder what would happen if a company did a pilot and used these questions in lieu of their annual or bi-annual self-assessments. Might teach both the manager and the individual writing it a bit more than the standard fare produces.

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