It’s a Start

My name is Susan. I’ve been thinking about starting a blog for a long time; maybe years. So, today is the day I stopped thinking about it and did it.

I care about continuous individual growth and change. In my view, all growth comes from individual choices. Within the storm of everyday lives, we can choose to be great or chose to be less than. Whatever our choice, it ripples out from ourselves to our families, our teams and our organizations. When we chose moments of greatness, our lives will be on an upward slope. And we bring others with us. That’s what I believe.

So, I will share ideas about the choices we all have on a regular basis to be great. Some will be based on my personal experience, including times when I’ve made the right choice and those when I have not. Other ideas will be from the many other people who inspire me. The inspiration comes not only from the outcome, but  through the recognition that they, too, made choices.

I hope that you are among the many who inspire. Your constructive thoughts and choices are invited.

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